Ford Ranger Body Kits – Could This The Best Option?

How To Select The Perfect Ford Ranger Body Kit Parts

The paradox of choice – more options equals indecision.

That’s exactly what happens when you’re out there, searching for the best Ford Ranger body kits.

What with bumper lips, side skirts, ground effects, full body kits; there’s so much you can do to completely change the look of your Ford car it boggles the mind.

Where do you even begin?

Hence, to solve the dilemma, in today’s post, we’ll have a look at body kit materials you should opt for, review some of the best body kits, and check out other important things you need to know before you head to spruce up your Ford Ranger.

Now, though some of the best (read:high quality) body kits for the Ford Ranger start from around $1000 and above, you can get a decent kit in the sub $500 market too, for e.g. one of the best value for money is the Duraflex Drifter 6 Piece kit (more below).

So whatsoever your budget, there’s something for everyone with the Ford Ranger! Let’s begin…

So What Are Ford Ranger Body Kits Made Of?

Buy a body kit for a ford ranger

Body Kits made with “Fiber Glass”

The most common body kits found in the states, fiber glass body kits for the Ford Ranger are extremely cost-effective.

Albeit the lower cost does come with some compromises. Since these are all made by hand, they are not usually precise with the finish (as well as the fitting) like their machine-made counterparts.

Another downside of fiber glass body kits is they are not very durable or tough. So don’t plan to hit that curb with your Ford Ranger when using a fiber glass body kit.  It is fine if you bump into something and your Ranger replacement bumper protects the truck as that won’t generally be a problem at a small rate of speed.

However, there’s an upside – the paint job.

Fiberglass holds on to paint particularly well, even when exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Update: A couple of new companies have started to use high quality fiberglass body kits for the Ford Ranger using a special “flex resin” that gives us the best of both worlds: durability and affordability.

An example of this is the Duraflex brand of body kits (see below), which is probably the best selling line of Ford Ranger body kits.

Poly-Urethane Body Kits

Poly-urethane (sometimes called “urethane”) is simply a jargon for what basically means “rubber”.

That said, Urethane body kits for the Ford Ranger are definitely costlier than fiberglass, thanks to the higher manufacturing costs (no hand-made stuff here folks).

To make the body kit parts with this material, the manufacturer has to first create a prototype, then they have to make a mold for it, and process is something that typically costs 10-12 times more than your standard fiber glass part!

But the advantage is a MUCH better finish and fit, and parts made with this offer better durability over their fiber glass counterparts.

Yes, they can usually withstand some shocks and bumps without taking too much damage.

However, unlike fiber glass parts, the urethane body kits for the Ford Ranger doesn’t make paint stick so well, requiring extra elbow grease.

Secondly, they are known to warp in extreme weather conditions, so you might want to look at your garaging options if you’re going for them.

Of course, if you’re looking for durability and finish (and fitment) over looks, then the Urethane body kits are the ones for your Ford.

Finally, you can select…

ABS Plastic Body Kits For Your Ford Ranger

ABS plastic body kits for the Ford Ranger are almost identical to what Ford itself manufactures.

In fact, ABS plastic is the choice of many other manufacturers too, plus all ABS plastic body kits are made by machines (so yep, better fit and finish is assured).

Secondly, they’re much easier to paint (and subsequently hold the paint) than your urethane body kits. Of course, there are some drawbacks, for e.g. ABS body parts are usually very rigid; almost like your standard factory body kits and panels.

Also, just like your urethane body kits, ABS plastic body kits are significantly more expensive than fiberglass body kits because of the higher cost of material, and a much higher investment required to make them.

So those three were the materials you’ll usually see out there when choosing your body kit parts. Now, let’s look at two of our top body kits for the Ford Ranger.

Ford Ranger Body Kit – Duraflex®Drifter (6 Piece)

5 piece body kit for ranger

This body kit includes the following:

  • Drifter Front Bumper Cover
  • Drifter Rear Bumper Cover
  • Drifter Side Skirts Rocker Panels – 4

Though the Duraflex Drifter looks like a cheap body kit, trust us when we say it’s one of the best budget options. Made with 100% fiberglass, the Drifter boasts of a proprietary “Duraflex” technology, which the company says will reduce significant shipping damages compared to its competitors.

Our rating: 3.8/5Pros: Affordable, decent looks, high quality mesh grilleCons: Looks can be subjective as some might call it cheap, Check it out here: {Affiliate link}

Razzi 278-900 Body Kit, Full Kit, Made with​ABS Plastic

ABS plastic body kit for ranger

This mid-range kit includes the following:

  • Razzi Front Air Dam (ABS Plastic)
  • Razzi Side Skirts, Passenger Bed Side (ABS Plastic)
  • Razzi Side Skirts, Passenger Cab Side (ABS Plastic)
  • Razzi Side Skirts, Driver Bed Side (ABS Plastic)
  • Razzi Side Skirts, Driver Cab Side (ABS Plastic)
  • Razzi Rear Bumper Skirt, Passenger Side (ABS Plastic)
  • Razzi Rear Bumper Skirt, Driver Side (ABS Plastic)

Razzi is one of the top body kits manufacturers in the U.S., with their quality often mimicking or even surpassing OEM body parts!

100% machine-made with precise cuts (this is important as many body kit manufacturers make their parts by hand, the fit and finish is usually not that great). This is what ensures that the Razzi body kit for the Ford Ranger fits like a hand in glove.

Our rating: 4.8/5Pros: Quite affordable, perfect fit, high quality ABS plastic (just like OEM parts).Cons: None we can think of! Check it out here: {Affiliate link}

In closing, remember that choosing a body kit for your Ford Ranger shouldn’t be an impulse purchase. Carefully weigh the pros and cons, especially think carefully about the type of material you choose.

You need to decide which body parts for your Ranger you finally decide to buy based on two important factors: You can either get excellent finish and ‘look’, or you can get an “ok” look but better kits that can brave the weather slightly better.

Read This Before Buying Ford Hubcaps (Or Wheel Covers)

First Things First – How Does A Hubcap Differ From A Wheel Cover?

A hubcap, for those in the dark, is a detachable wheel cover or a decorative disk on your Ford’s wheel.

A hubcap is usually expected to at least cover the dominant, central part of a wheel, which is called the hub (duh, hence the name, hubcap).

The purpose of the Ford hubcap is used to protect the wheel and the fasteners to reduce the dirt and moisture that usually gets attracted to it, and often damages it over time.

There’s a difference between a Ford hubcap and a “wheel cover” though; a wheel cover is simply an “ornamental” disk (made of either plastic or metal) that snaps onto the entire front part of the wheel.

wheel covers for ford rangers

Usually, Ford cars with stamped steel wheels use a full cover that masks the entire wheel of the car, and cars with alloy wheels or styled steel wheels use smaller hubcaps (also called center caps).

Price Range for Ford Hubcaps

Hubcaps for the Ford models start at a relatively affordable price (from $7), although some of the branded ones might cost upwards of $50 for your car.

Here are some of the top rated ones on Amazon:

  • LEDKINGDOMUS F150 Center Caps, 4pcs Center Caps ($34+)
  • Cheap Ford Focus Hubcaps($10+)
  • Here are the ones recommended for Ford trucks and vans ($43+)

Precautions While Buying Your Ford Hubcaps

One of the most common problems with buying hubcaps online is receiving damaged goods. Here’s what one of the top rated reviewson Amazon says about this issue:

The first one out of the box was cracked on the exterior trim ring. The second one had a broken tab that would hold it on the rim”

Well, that basically sums up the problem with getting hubcaps or other replacement Ford body parts shipped from afar.

So the first piece of advice is to look for a seller who’s geographically in proximity to where you’re getting them shipped.

The second problem is ordering the cheap ones. With the saturation of “Made in Taiwan” (‘Made in China’ is so 2010!) hubcaps, quality is a major concern. So definitely take your time and read reviews, especially watch out for the negative ones.

Here’s what a reviewer from Texas says about the quality of hubcaps he received…

… they are nowhere near the quality of the stock hubcaps and they don’t match the stock hubcaps at all.”

So the point is, take your time when buying online, and go for the high quality (read: costlier) ones as they’ll outclass the cheap ones in looks, assembly and most importantly, their durability.

Types of Ford Hubcaps

hubcaps on amazon for ford rangers

There are usually some pretty good options in the second hand market. You can get hubcaps that sport the ever green Ford logo, or simple get one with a quirky shape (and boy do they come in various shapes and patterns).

Usually there are four types of hubcaps available for your Ford car.

  • 1Replica Wheel Covers These definitely look just like the ones that originally came with your car, but the cost is 1/10th of the original ones.
  • 2Vintage Hubcaps – These are technical brand new hubcaps, but they are made to look vintage, perfectly suiting your Ford car if it’s an old model.
  • 3Custom HubcapsThese are some of the best options for your Ford car, as these will be made as per your car’s wheel size, with a perfect match and finish. Highly recommended!
  • 4Wheel Skins – Not technically a “hubcap”, wheel skins are slightly costlier than hubcaps, but the look AMAZING! Just as the name suggests, a wheel skin perfectly fits on top of your rusty old steel wheel and gives them a high quality, chrome finish look. The best part? The price! It costs just a tad bit more than regular hubcaps, but the difference in the look is tremendous. Get these if it fits your budget.

So that’s that folks, everything you needed to know about Ford hubcaps!

Of course, before placing your order, make sure to check your Ford’s tire size first, as many online sellers won’t accept returns once sold (odd, as they don’t have a reason not to, but it’s a seller’s market here).

Ford Ranger Roof Racks – Many Options, One Right Choice

Ford Ranger Roof Racks – All You Need To Know

When I was in my teens, I always wondered – “Why don’t car makers build roof racks on every car!?”

This was a time when we were officially “That Camping Family”, with a trip every few months. And one of the major helper in carrying all our stuff was our Ford’s roof rack!

We had a Ford Ranger back then with a very dull looking roof rack (the latest ones look fabulous!), but hey, it was strong as an Ox!

It would carry our entire camping stuff, right from our luggage, the canoe, paddles; I mean one could literally pack their entire house on that rack and it wouldn’t budge a bit.

Coming to the point, if you’re in the market looking for a Ford Ranger Roof Rack, you’ve come at the right place. If you are looking for a Ford Ranger replacement bumper then you need to go to another page on this site though.

These days everyone is into “outdoor activities”. Biking/cycling, skiing, and of course, good ol’ canoeing are just some of the exciting things you can do out there.

Plus, with GPS and other tech advancements, young folk are no longer afraid to brave extreme weathers or terrains all year around.

And in such a time comes the announcement of the Ford Ranger 2019! So if you’re waiting for the new 2019 model, or wish to attach a roof rack to your old Ford Ranger, you must understand the basics. And everything begins with the Roof rack’s foundation.

Ford Ranger Roof Rack – The Foundation

Usually, the rooftop of your Ford is an awesome place to carry all the extra stuff you need without sacrificing passenger space. And thanks to consumer demand, we’ve seen an array of utility spares and accessories to mount on your Ford car.

Today, you can put up fancy roof racks to carry your bikes, skis, snow boards, kayaks, plus any extra stuff you may need for your outdoor trip.

However, the first step…?

Check your current roof-top. Before you can mount a rack, you need to have/fit roof rails and/or attach cross bars to support the roof rack of your choice.

You cannot simply tie your bike to the Ford’s bare roof right now!

So here are the types of roofs usually seen in Ford cars right now…

1. The Normal, Bare Roof

Ford Ranger Roof Racks

Basically this means a bare, ‘empty’ roof. There are no rails, no crossbars, and this is usually the default roof you get from the manufacturer.

2. The Horrendous Looking“Rain Gutter”

Rain gutters roof racks

If your Ford Ranger was manufactured way back in the 80’s, you might have the classic drip rails, or what we used to call “rain gutters”. These were channels built directly on top of the doors to keep rain from dripping on the passenger at every entry/exit.

They looked horrendously ugly, but yep, were extremely user-friendly!

Sadly, no manufacturer stuck to the design, and we don’t get to see these anymore. Even Ford will let you get wet with their newer cars, but oh no, they won’t sacrifice the design anymore!

3. The Roof Rail System

roof rail system for ford trucks

After the year 2000-01, Ford Ranger models were given the option to fit what we call “roof rails” or fixed bars which ran the length of the Ranger.

Ford didn’t usually give this option as a default, but you could get them fitted by demand, or through after-market channels.

Roof rails are simply legs which help secure the rails a few inches atop the roof (leaving about 3-6 inches between the rail and roof).

Next Step – Cross Bars

cross bar roof rack

So once you’ve understood these basics, the foundation of a roof rack system, you can then take the next steps to your roof rack… the cross bars.

Usually, the cross bars from roof rack manufacturers are a standard fit. They are not usuallyvehicle-specific, which is also a huge advantage for the buyer (as the cost is pretty affordable).

Yes, they will vary in their lengths, so be careful you do not attach bars that longer than your roof (albeit a few inches is fine). More and you are inviting bumps!

Many top manufacturers offer a variety of cross bars. Check out Thule’s load bars, Yakima has a lot of variety, and then there’s Whispbar flush bars.

All of these foundational systems are strong, and will support almost everything you plan to carry atop your Ford Ranger.

Ensure proper installation, especially if you’re someone who drives fast. You don’t want your crossbars leaping off the roof when you’re on the freeway!

Final Step – The Roof Rack

ford roof racks

Once last thing to check for before you select a roof rack is, to check the weight limit of the cross bars! It’s typically around 150-10lb, but make sure you check the manual.

This is not only important to avoid damage to the roof, but more importantly – to avoid any injury to you and your family inside!

So once that’s done, you are free to select a roof rack system of your choice!

We’ll end this post by saying one thing – once you figure out the best roof rack system for your Ford pick up truck or car, you won’t believe you ever went “rack less” with the beast.

Ford Ranger Bumper – Why This Part Is One Of The Most Critical Ones

My Ford Ranger’s Bumper Saved Me!

If you’ve been reading the blog… you’ll remember…

In one of my earlier posts, I mentioned how me and my family used to go on frequent hiking/camping trips in our old Ford Ranger.

And the reason I remember that now because something happened today.

Something not great.

I had an accident! Yeah, I’m ok, thank you for asking! 🙂

However, the reason to bring up that topic was, my car’s bumper completely shattered. I mean yeah, completely crushed on one side.

Best Ford ranger bumpers

This is a Ford Striker’s image, but this was the side I hit my Ranger

And this brings back memories, because when I was 11, we had an accident on one of our camping trips in our Ford Ranger, and guess what, the Ford’s bumper back then had… one tiny scratch!


We Had Super Strong Cars Back Then

I mean our Ford Ranger’s bumper was so strong, tough that you could probably bang it up a wall and the wall would probably break down!

Contrast that with cars these days!

OEM for ranger bumpers

Modern bumpers look great, but they aren’t that sturdy anymore

With cost-cutting seeping down even to passenger safety, things are not great these days.

This was yet another reason I loved our Ford Ranger. Agreed, the bumper on that thing was ugly looking, I mean real blehh, but it DID. THE. JOB!

What was the bumper’s job? To keep the car safe, to absorb the shock and protect its passengers as much as possible. And it did exactly that.

Now, with the new Ford Ranger 2019 coming up next year, I honestly wish they’d stick to the original build quality with the bumper, as well as other major parts.

Don’t screw this Ford!

If you are an 80’s kid, you definitely remember the heavy metal bumpers we used to have on our cars, try hitting it with your leg and you’d get a fracture. My kid, the other day, tried sitting (this was before the accident) on ours and I swear I heard a really nasty creaking sound!

Anyway, so if you are in the market to buy a new Ford Ranger Bumper, you must be aware of the quality, durability and costs of replacing a bumper (be it front or back).

A Word On The Ford Ranger

The brand name – “Ford Ranger” has been used by the company on three distinct model vehicles. The word Ranger was first used in the year 1958 in the Edsel division and later on, in 1983, the Ford F- series adopted the Ranger name to its trucks.

Available in Right-hand and Left-hand drive, the Ford Ranger has been in the market for several years. The earlier generation of Ford Ranger was sold in the United States and Canada as a mid-size pick-up truck, which has now been advanced with the new generation to a stronger frame and a front bumper.

The company not only focuses on a sturdy & reliable exterior but has also given utmost importance to the heart of the car i.e. the head engine.

The company labeled its engine ‘Duratorq’ in the year 2000.

The uniqueness about the engine is that it comprises the latest Bosch Ultra high-pressure fuel injection system. It is also has a digital mass air fuel sensor which enhances the accuracy & reliability of the vehicle. The power of the engine varies from 118 BHP (Break Hose Power) to 164.

The Ford Ranger has had four different models namely: XL, XLT, Limited & Wildtrak. Word is, the new Ford Ranger 2019 will only have ONE engine option! 🙁

The popularity of Ford Ranger has climbed a ladder that has successfully stolen the thunder of the cars available in the market segment, thereby giving a swift push to the demand of the rival company products.

Equipped with strong muscular interiors and modern amenities, the Ford Ranger offers a variety of features from well-placed camera to ultrasonic sensors in order to give a safe as well as a luxurious experience.

About The Ford Ranger’s Bumper

Earlier, the Ford’s bumpers were made of hard metal blocks that would help in minimizing the damage done to the automobile (remember our accident!) …

Factory Ford ranger bumpers

The old Ford ranger bumpers were strong, I mean REALLY strong!

However, the modern bumper consists of a beam, stays and a fascia and uses foam as a shock/collision absorber to save the bumper from damaging itself.

Of course, with advanced technology, the bumpers nowadays are made up of light weighted carbon fiber.

With a sturdy and aggressive look, the Ford Ranger bumpers not only help in protecting the front and rear end of the vehicle but also enhance the overall look of the car.

So before you go and buy a new one for your car, remember that the bumpers these days are NOT as strong as they were in the “old days”.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT sacrifice on the build quality, even if one costs you more than a generic one. All in all, it’s ironic that we have to say this – we hope that you never get to find out whether the (higher) cost  of a strong bumper was truly justified or not!