Ford Truck Parts

Where Should You Buy Ford Truck Parts?

Before we answer that question, we need to take a look at Ford’s best-selling truck – The F-150!

While a Sedan, Hatchback or an SUV is enough to trail around with your family and buddies, they aren’t suitable when you have a lot of load to tow around.

Well, do not fret, Ford offers you a range of best in class pickup trucks to choose from. Remember a Ford truck has parts that are not compatible with Ford cars so be sure not to buy Ford Car replacement parts for your truck.

The Ford F-Series comes with a variety of light-duty trucks and medium-duty trucks, and has been the best-selling vehicle in the United States since the late 80s. Though most of the F-Series trucks are full-size pickup trucks, the F-Series also includes chassis cabs and commercial vehicles.

Ford introduced the F-Series truck with the Ford Bonus. Introduced in 1948, it has been maintaining the legacy with every model.

And today, F-150, the 13th generation F-Series is one of the most popular pickup trucks in the United States as it comes with best in performance Ford engines, safety assistance and top quality Ford truck parts.

Here are 7 reasons the 2018 F-150 is the top-selling pickup truck in the United States:

1. Tows Well Through The Off-Road

The 2018 F-150, transports more efficiently than ever, and with the available 3.5L Eco-Boost twin-turbo V6 that gives 375 horsepower and 470 pounds of torque, this beast overpowers every pickup truck in the market.

Known for its best towing and hauling capacity, you can tow anything and everything in ease, with the F-150.

Hey, this is what they say – the F-150 is synonymous with ‘Best in class’!

2. This Ford Truck Has A Comfy Cabin

One of the best parts of the Ford trucks is its comfortable cabins.

The Ford trucks can seat from 3 to 6 people, depends on the trim you choose. Ford offers you cloth interior upholstery but it can be upgraded to vinyl or leather upholstery.

For the ones who look for luxury in their pickup trucks, this year’s F-150 is the answer for all your requirements. Even though the base model is well, basic in features, you can find luxury models that offer top-of-the-line features. Want a push-button start or power moon-roof? You got it with the Ford F-150.

3. Improved Driver Assistance

When buying a new vehicle, safety measures are often a question mark.

But with the Ford truck, you can keep your worries at bay. Most of their vehicles are well equipped with safety features, and Ford has added a few more safety precautions in their 2018 F-150.

Some of them are:

  • 360° camera system
  • Forward collision warning
  • “Pre-collision assist” to detect pedestrians, with upgraded stop-and-go technology
  • Check CircleLane-keep assist

4. Superior Engine Quality

The engines have always been one of the best Ford truck parts. They usually provide an array of options to choose from when it comes to the engine.

Even the F-150’s basic model includes a 3.3-ltr V6, with six-speed automatic transmission that provides 265 pounds of torque and 290 horsepower.

Ford truck parts

Buyers can choose between a turbocharged, 2.7-ltr V6 Eco-Boost which gives 325 horsepower and 400 lb torque and turbocharged 3.5-ltr V6 which gives 375 horsepower and 470 lb torque.

5. Bed Lengths

With the F-150 truck, Ford offers options in its bed length too. You can pick your preferred bed length from the choices provided, i.e. 8 feet, 6.5 feet, and 5.5 feet. Well, you do not need to ponder much on the size, as it depends on your daily work demands.

6. Upgraded With Off-Roading Requirements

Moving heavy loads through unsurfaced roads can often turn out to be a weary task, but Ford makes it simpler for you.

The Ford truck is customized with off-road tuned suspension, hill-descent control, and locking-rear differential. In case you choose the Raptor, you can adjust the driving mode depending on the condition of the road.

Ford truck engine parts

7. Incredible Infotainment Systems

You will agree that we all look for exciting infotainment systems in every vehicle. While looking at the specs of a car, the infotainment system is one of the most demanded features.

Accordingly, this year’s F-150 truck also provides a Sync3 system, which allows the driver to connect their smartphone device by using either Android Auto or Apple Car Play and provides wireless hotspot to nearly 10 devices.


Ford has been the undisputed king when it comes to trucks. They have been manufacturing the best ones for more than a few decades now. Built with strong, durable parts, the Ford trucks have been synonymous with quality and reliability.

Ford Car Parts – Here Are The Most Important Ones

The Most Important Ford Car Parts

Just look around…

You’ll see that today’s automobiles are some of the best inventions of mankind, thanks to the (crazy) technological advancements.

Now before we have a look at some popular Ford car parts, we need an overview of this company.

With a reputation for excellence, the Ford Automobile Company has been in the automobile industry since the year 1903.

Founded by, duh, Henry Ford, the automobile manufacturing giant is an American multinational company having a market share in most of the major parts of the world.

Headquartered in Michigan, US, Ford is one of the largest family-controlled businesses in the world. With an aim to serve the masses, Ford has various luxurious as well as affordable cars to offer to its customers.

The company surely knows how to deliver the right product (and parts, as Ford car parts are renowned for their quality, durability) with the right mix of ingredients.

Going by the principle that selection of car parts is the fundamental requirement for an excellent performance, Ford has left no stone unturned in their research & development efforts to give solid products to their customers.

The company aims at providing vehicles that are fully equipped with the latest technology and provides a range of automobiles like Hatchbacks, Sedans, SUVs, Trucks, etc.

Some of the most important features of the Ford car (and parts) are discussed below:

Ford Engines – A Technological Marvel

What heart is to the human body, the Engine is to the car!

The engine is one of the most important parts of your Ford car.

It’s a complex machine that uses the heat from the fuel (or gas) to create motion.

Replacement parts for fords

The legendary Ford engine!

Diesel, electricity, or gasoline is used by the Ford’s engine in order to create energy and start running on the streets. (Check out our detailed post on Ford Engines here.)

The Ford Car’s Suspension – The Major Contributor To The Comfort Factor

A Car’s suspension plays an important role in reducing the impact of uneven, bumpy roads or twists and turns that would be felt in the cabin by the passengers (also called body roll when on a sharp turn).

Ford suspension parts

Hundreds of parts make up the Ford’s suspension

The suspension offered in Ford cars are parts that are designed to provide a good ride height, as well as smooth drive on the roads.

A good suspension offers stability to the vehicle by absorbing vibrations and shocks over bumpy roads and hence plays an important role in the overall performance of the car.

The suspension systems configured by Ford provide efficient ground clearance, thereby enhancing the driving experience.

Another Often Neglected Ford Car Part – The Brake Pads!

No we get it… who doesn’t want to ride like the wind!

The faster the speed, the exciting (enjoyable?) the drive becomes and therefore, the brakes of the Ford Ranger play a MAJOR role here.

buy Ford brake pads

One of the parts of the brake system is the Brake pad.

When brakes are applied, Hydraulic brake fluid is pushed from the master cylinder through lines in the brake caliper and squeezes the brake pad which in turn slows down and stops the vehicle.

GOOD TO KNOW: On average, a driver applies the brakes over 200 times a day!

Brake pads are hence, the most critical part in a Ford car.

Brake pads are most commonly semi-metallic, i.e. they are made of shavings of copper, graphite, steel, etc. which result in an efficient and quiet application of brakes.

The Ford’s Filters

We are all aware of the fact that the human body cannot function without good health, similarly, the health of a car is important for smooth functioning.

We may not be aware of the fact that there are many filters that play an important role in the efficient performance of the vehicle.

There are various types of filters i.e. Air filters or Cabin filters, Oil filters, Fuel filters, etc. which form an essential part of the automobile body.

Cabin Air filter – With rising pollution and global warming, the quality of air that we breathe has gone considerably down and it is, therefore absolutely important to make sure to have cabin filters in the car. The cabin filters in Ford cars filters the air that comes through air conditioning or heating. The cabin filter purifies the air by filtering the bacteria, dust, etc. present in the atmosphere.

Oil filter – Although small in size, the oil filter is an important part of your Ford car which ensures the long and healthy life of the engine. In earlier days, when engineers would not use the oil filters, the automobiles would not function efficiently thereby resulting in frequent oil changes.

– We all know that a car runs on fuel, duh. However, some of us are still unaware of the importance of fuel filters. The fuel filters help in removing impurities like dust, dirt, rust, etc. present in the fuel. To maintain the longevity and good performance of the car engine, the fuel filters are an important part of your Ford car.Motorcraft oil filter cheap

A Motorcraft filter

The oil filter keeps the car engine in good health by eliminating the impurities that accumulate in the motor oil due to engine wear. The oil filter purifies the motor oil, thereby enhancing and increasing the engine life of a car.

Fuel filter – We all know that a car runs on fuel, duh. However, some of us are still unaware of the importance of fuel filters. The fuel filters help in removing impurities like dust, dirt, rust, etc. present in the fuel. To maintain the longevity and good performance of the car engine, the fuel filters are an important part of your Ford car.

All in all, the general well-being and smooth running of a Ford car requires parts that are maintained for optimum performance.

With the perfect blend of research & development, Ford makes sure that its parts and products offer you a comfortable, convenient, environmentally friendly and most importantly – a safe car.

Ford Ranger Engine – “Is This The Best They Could Do!?”

The Iconic Ford Ranger… Is Making A Comeback!

First of all we’ve to say it… it’s back baby!

After what seems like an eternity in the automobile world (8 years to be precise), the Ford Ranger is making a major comeback.

Discontinued after 2011 in the U.S., the Ford Ranger is charging its way back to the U.S. domestic market with a new, *cough cough* SINGLE engine (more below) variant, next year.

Of course, with renewed safety and entertainment features, as well as parts that Ford has improved, this won’t be just a “Ford truck” anymore.

And speaking of Ford trucks, the ranger was the leader in the compact pick-up truck segment at one point, but since its withdrawal from the market circa 2011, the segment has exploded with competitors bringing in bigger trucks with better features.

It is time that the leader makes a comeback once more, and yet… there’s a buzzkill.

If any of the insider info is to be trusted, the new Ford Ranger would be having just… wait for it… just a single engine option!

Yeah, you read it right, just a single engine option in the “new” Ford Ranger 2019!

Now, this wouldn’t be a major problem if this was the first time the Ford Ranger was launched, but the company has spoilt us with choice in the past.

The Legacy Ford Ranger Engines

The outgoing models had three engine options back then.

The basic one was a fuel-efficient 2.3L, four-cylinder Continue reading