Ford Explorer Parts – THIS Is Where You Should Buy Them (And Why)

Ford Explorer – The Car, The Parts & Where To Buy Them!

Before we have a look at Ford Explorer parts, we need to know more about the SUV first.

SUV – which is an acronym for a “sport-utility vehicle” is one of the major categories in the classification of cars.

Not to mention one of the most popular ones!

While cars come with various specifications, SUVs are mainly known for its seating and sturdy built which are bestowed with the capabilities to haul off-road. SUVs have overpowered the lower medium segment cars and stand to be the world’s most popular automotive segment.

Amongst various sellers in the market, Ford has been outclassing its competitors for around 2 decades by being one of the most popular SUVs. Thanks to its amazing build quality and durable parts, the Ford Explorer does nothing but continues the legacy Ford has created.

This post helps you with everything you need to know about the SUV, Ford Explorer and its parts…

Here are The Parts We Love In The Ford Explorer…

#1 Looks That Leave You Awe-Struck!

Ford explorer trucks

Who wouldn’t love this beauty!?

The Ford Explorer is purposefully designed to marvel everyone on the road. Once you have your hands on this SUV, brace yourself to witness how it turns every eye onto itself.

Put your foot inside and you will discover a refined interior.

Apart from its contemporary look, it comes with the pure bliss of comfort, yes you would not have to worry about the space and comfort next time you plan a road-trip with your family and friends.

The Ford explorer is a car that comes with durable Ford parts, awesome design, details, comfort and easy accessibility.

#2 Loads As Much As 7 Passengers

Ford Explorer fulfills the basic need of an SUV, seats up to seven. The available PowerFold third-row seat makes space for the 6th and the 7th seater at the touch of a button. It makes for a comfortable drive for everyone in the car.

#3 Good Fuel Economy For Its Class

Trucks and SUV cars do not fall under the category of “Cars with good fuel economy”.

But the best part of the Ford Explorer is they decided to break the rules with the 2018 Explorer and guess what… it provides a decent gas mileage.

To be precise, Explorer should get about 17 miles per gallon in the city and 24 miles per gallon on highway.

#4 Outstanding Performance

Besides its style and comfort, Ford has engineered a car that performs exceptionally in all conditions.

The 2018 Ford Explorer comes with three engine choices and every engine is awesome and gives decent power.

Ford explorer engine

The car offers a smooth and comfortable ride with excellent handling and good acceleration. To add to its pros, Ford makes sure you have a quiet aura inside the car.

It’s time you plan a trip through jagged rocks and sloppy roads, because it’s simply too comfortable with the Explorer.

#5 Plethora of Features

Apart from the excellent build quality and ultra-durable parts, the 2018 Ford Explorer comes packed with various features that would leave you spoilt for choice.

Ford has introduced this car with tons of choices and options.

In case you crave for extra comfort and luxury, you have it with the Explorer. Looking for a stripped-down basic car? You got it!

Every model comes with an amazing infotainment system and its upgrade possibilities include bigger touch screens and more speakers.

#6 Safety Features

One of the most important specs for any vehicle is its safety measures. Well, Ford Explorer doesn’t disappoint. It comes with a nice package of safety measures. It has scored well in several crash tests in the sides, front and back areas. It offers you a lot of driving-assistance. For instance:

A specific sensor helps you in spotting a pedestrian or even an object for that matter, by giving out a warning. It also helps the driver to maintain position within the lane and applies automatic brakes when required, to avoid accidents.

#7 Tons Of Cargo Room

One of the best parts of the Ford Explorer is it comes with super spacious interiors; for e.g. you can let down or fold up the seat as per your needs.

Plus, it is vast enough to load groceries and any other required equipment for your outings. The interior too comes with lots of holders and enough space to stack things. Did I forget to tell you it’s also called a family hauler?

All in all, forget the individual Ford Explorer parts, the entire package is overflowing with the latest technology, superb power and eye-catching design that provides you a thrilling experience every time you hit the road with it!

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