Ford Factory Parts – High Quality, Durable, What More Can You Ask For?

Looking for a specific Ford factory part? An OEM part?

If you are, stay put.

In today’s post, we’ll have a look at the most popular Ford factory parts and where you can order them online at the best prices (and quality).

Now before we see the actual sources, you must first understand the importance of Ford’s own factory made parts.


Because you’ll get a lot of after-market, unbranded parts that are NOT made by Ford, but by third-party manufacturers (who may or may not be authorized by Ford).

Of course, thanks to the Magnuson-Mason Act, the consumer does have power in this regard. The act states (in simple words) that as a consumer, you are no longer bound by your vehicle manufacturer or your insurance company to buy parts from the original car manufacturer.

Ford Factory Parts

Meaning they CANNOT deny your claim or void your warranty in case you replaced an original part with an unauthorized or unbranded one.

This also means, where applicable, you can buy the cheaper versions of a specific part where the quality is not too much of an issue, but go for original Ford factory parts where quality is a must (engine, suspension parts, etc.).

A Look At Genuine Ford Factory Parts

Ford original factory parts

Ford Factory Parts – Original Ford Accessories

The most common and required parts in anyone’s car – the accessories. The ford factory manufacturers accessories such as keyless entry keypads, remote start systems to external and internal accessories like seat covers to sport pedals.

Ford Factory Parts – Body Panels

Ford factory parts also includes body panels; that protect as well as augment your car. Remember that when you purchase these body parts made in the Ford factory, you are ensuring a (much) better fit than the generic manufacturers.

Ford OEM Parts – Brakes

Ford factory parts includes brake products and are designed to fit Ford and Lincoln vehicles. So you can get genuine parts like brake hydraulics, disc pads, break shoes, drums, rotors and hubs. You cannot beat Ford’s quality when it comes to these parts.

Air Conditioning System & Its Parts

Air conditioning has come a long way in the last decade. With climate control becoming a standard across the entire automobile industry, Ford is not a company to be left behind.

Ford has researched the thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer to create air conditioning systems that meet and almost outperform the standards we have come to expect from Ford parts.

Electrical Systems & Its Parts

The modern car is a high end network of electronics. With literally thousands of electrical parts, Ford has also designed theirs for long-lasting dependability and strength.

The Ford factory produces these parts with utmost care, and we highly recommend that you do not compromise on this are buy purchasing unbranded parts. Where electronics is concerned, always get genuine Ford factory parts.

How Could We Forget – The Ford Engine & Its Parts!

It all began literally more than hundred years ago.

The Ford engine has come a long way. Now with hundreds of iterations later, the engine components offer the highest quality and durability you deserve, designed to fit your Ford car perfectly.

Right from cylinder heads, water pumps to oil pans and even flywheels, Ford’s engine parts meet OE specifications, and includes the latest technological advancements. Again, go for Ford OEM when it comes to engine related parts.

The Exhaust System

Ford exhaust systems are created to fit the Ford (and Lincoln vehicles). They’re crafted to perfection, offering maximum torque, horsepower and a decent mileage.

Again, this is very much application-specific, and never a one-size-fits-all. Again, go Ford OEM parts for this one.

Ford Factory Parts – Fuel Filters, Fluids & Lubricants

When it comes to fuel filters, go for the original Ford factory parts. But where it comes to buying air filters or other cabin filters, you can save some $ and go for the generic ones as it doesn’t make a big difference here.

Next up – the fluids and lubricants are like the ‘blood’ of our car. Well, not quite, but you get the idea!

Your car needs these chemicals and lubricants to keep itself functioning smoothly and running durably. However, there are some specialized companies offering these, and they are much better than Ford itself!

This is because this is a completely different area of expertise (more about chemistry than “auto technology”). Hence, here too, we advise you to buy fluids, lubricants and other chemicals from specialized third party manufacturers.

Fuel System

Ford fuel system components are intricate and require a lot of research and technological execution.

Hardware and Fasteners

Now though Ford’s own factory does make parts like harnesses and springs, clips, bolts, they are definitely costlier than unbranded ones.

Plus, these things are mostly standardized so you can order them from a smaller manufacturer at a much lower price, for the same build quality.

Yet Another Ford Factory Made Part – The Steering Assembly

The steering assembly and its parts consist of purely hardware parts and some sensitive ones like sensors and electrical components.

Make your purchase decision based on what you’re trying to replace. Hardware? Go for a budget one, and definitely go Quality Ford OEM parts for the sensitive ones.

Ford Suspension Assembly

Shock absorbers help provide a decent, smooth drive in varying road conditions and loads. In case you wish to replace these, go for the Ford OEM parts only.

So there you go!

You now have some basic guidelines if you’re replacing specific parts of your Ford car.

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