Read This Before Buying Ford Hubcaps (Or Wheel Covers)

First Things First – How Does A Hubcap Differ From A Wheel Cover?

A hubcap, for those in the dark, is a detachable wheel cover or a decorative disk on your Ford’s wheel.

A hubcap is usually expected to at least cover the dominant, central part of a wheel, which is called the hub (duh, hence the name, hubcap).

The purpose of the Ford hubcap is used to protect the wheel and the fasteners to reduce the dirt and moisture that usually gets attracted to it, and often damages it over time.

There’s a difference between a Ford hubcap and a “wheel cover” though; a wheel cover is simply an “ornamental” disk (made of either plastic or metal) that snaps onto the entire front part of the wheel.

wheel covers for ford rangers

Usually, Ford cars with stamped steel wheels use a full cover that masks the entire wheel of the car, and cars with alloy wheels or styled steel wheels use smaller hubcaps (also called center caps).

Price Range for Ford Hubcaps

Hubcaps for the Ford models start at a relatively affordable price (from $7), although some of the branded ones might cost upwards of $50 for your car.

Here are some of the top rated ones on Amazon:

  • LEDKINGDOMUS F150 Center Caps, 4pcs Center Caps ($34+)
  • Cheap Ford Focus Hubcaps($10+)
  • Here are the ones recommended for Ford trucks and vans ($43+)

Precautions While Buying Your Ford Hubcaps

One of the most common problems with buying hubcaps online is receiving damaged goods. Here’s what one of the top rated reviewson Amazon says about this issue:

The first one out of the box was cracked on the exterior trim ring. The second one had a broken tab that would hold it on the rim”

Well, that basically sums up the problem with getting hubcaps or other replacement Ford body parts shipped from afar.

So the first piece of advice is to look for a seller who’s geographically in proximity to where you’re getting them shipped.

The second problem is ordering the cheap ones. With the saturation of “Made in Taiwan” (‘Made in China’ is so 2010!) hubcaps, quality is a major concern. So definitely take your time and read reviews, especially watch out for the negative ones.

Here’s what a reviewer from Texas says about the quality of hubcaps he received…

… they are nowhere near the quality of the stock hubcaps and they don’t match the stock hubcaps at all.”

So the point is, take your time when buying online, and go for the high quality (read: costlier) ones as they’ll outclass the cheap ones in looks, assembly and most importantly, their durability.

Types of Ford Hubcaps

hubcaps on amazon for ford rangers

There are usually some pretty good options in the second hand market. You can get hubcaps that sport the ever green Ford logo, or simple get one with a quirky shape (and boy do they come in various shapes and patterns).

Usually there are four types of hubcaps available for your Ford car.

  • 1Replica Wheel Covers These definitely look just like the ones that originally came with your car, but the cost is 1/10th of the original ones.
  • 2Vintage Hubcaps – These are technical brand new hubcaps, but they are made to look vintage, perfectly suiting your Ford car if it’s an old model.
  • 3Custom HubcapsThese are some of the best options for your Ford car, as these will be made as per your car’s wheel size, with a perfect match and finish. Highly recommended!
  • 4Wheel Skins – Not technically a “hubcap”, wheel skins are slightly costlier than hubcaps, but the look AMAZING! Just as the name suggests, a wheel skin perfectly fits on top of your rusty old steel wheel and gives them a high quality, chrome finish look. The best part? The price! It costs just a tad bit more than regular hubcaps, but the difference in the look is tremendous. Get these if it fits your budget.

So that’s that folks, everything you needed to know about Ford hubcaps!

Of course, before placing your order, make sure to check your Ford’s tire size first, as many online sellers won’t accept returns once sold (odd, as they don’t have a reason not to, but it’s a seller’s market here).

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