Ford Motorcraft Parts – Better Than Non-Branded Ones?

Ford Motorcraft Parts – Better Than Unbranded Ones?

Now, they sure are clever. I am talking about Ford.

After seeing incredible success in the 50’s and 60’s, Ford pulled an amazing business tactic. They diversified into an ever-increasing market in the automobile world – replacement parts!

Thus was launched the Ford Motorcraft brand.

Ford Motorcraft Parts Ranger

Ford started this brand back in 1972, solely focused on providing replacement parts and OEM parts.

Of course, Ford already had their own brand called Autolite which was running for many years (since the 50’s to be precise). However, the company sold this brand to another called FRAM.

Sure, it’s still running and you do get to see Autolite parts in the market, but it cannot match the quality and durability that we have come to expect of the Ford brand. Hence, Ford Motorcraft parts have an undue advantage over their competitors due to it being the child of the giant.

Now, many people don’t know that Ford had launched the Motorcraft brand way back in the 50’s, however, for some unknown reasons it discontinued it and kept building the Autolite brand.

And again, for no known reasons, it went back to the Ford Motorcraft as its main replacement parts brand.

The Motorcraft Situation Today

These days, Ford Motorcraft manufacturers parts that are fit for installation on their own, as well as their Mercury (now discontinued) and Lincoln cars.

Of course, Ford does have Motorcraft parts that fit a wide variety of other cars as well, most notably their oil filters.

Ford motorcraft original parts

This is also due in part to the superior Ford quality that they offer over smaller manufacturers.

The Ford Motorcraft parts are sold by through Mercury-Lincoln dealers as well as through a small selection of individual dealers.

Now, sure, just like any other manufacturer, Ford lacks the competency to manufacture all parts that’s why they do need to hire other manufacturers (who are specialized in manufacturing a specific part) for certain parts.

Now this is the clever part I spoke about at the beginning of this post. Ford Motorcraft will hire these third-party manufacturers to produce parts for them, so they can sell the same products under their own brand, well, *cough cough* at a premium price! Yes, almost every major manufacturer does this, but it’s us, the consumer who loses at the end of the day.

Now Motorcraft on their part will state that…

To ensure that the Ford Motorcraft parts are of the highest quality, we need to manufacturer and sell it under our own brand, so you get the highest quality product for your car…”

We have also heard the Mazda (Motor Corporation) using Ford Motorcraft parts in some of their cars when they had a partnership with Ford (terminated in 2015). So that sure raises the brand’s credibility in our opinion.

Popular Ford Motorcraft Parts

Ford claims that the Motorcraft parts are extensively tested in their own (as well as third-party) testing laboratories, as well as on road. Some of their most popular Motorcraft parts include:

  • Replacement Brake Parts
  • A/C and heating parts
  • Engine cooling parts
  • Check CircleReplacement fuel system parts
  • Check CircleEmission control parts
  • Check CircleWindow components
  • Check CircleIgnition and transmission parts
  • Check CircleReplacement driveline and axles
  • Check CircleOils, fluid and lubricants
  • Check CircleWiper blades
  • Check CirclePedals
  • Check CircleReplacement electrical parts

Apart from these regular replacement parts, Ford Motorcraft also houses some specialty parts like Nitrous Oxide systems, as well as alarms.

Customer Opinions & Reviews on Motorcraft Parts

When Ford first launched this brand, there very many complaints from buyers, this was expected as there are always teething troubles whenever a new brand is launched.

However, in the last couple of decades, they have really got their stuff together and these days the Ford Motrocraft parts and the overall brand is hailed as a top-of-the-line replacement brand throughout the country.

Ford motorcraft customer reviews

Here are some testimonials and review we could find around the web for the brand.

Flora from Georgia says,

The price on 12 plugs was good and they are Ford Motorcraft!! Ford at least got that part right. With my gift card discount, I received my plugs in just a couple of days. My car purrs like a kitten when I start her up and no more!



Tahir from New Jersey says…

I bought 4 shock absorbers for my old 2011 LINCOLN town car. Replacement shock works perfectly.


(New Jersey)

Fred from Florida says…

This (replacement Ford Motorcraft part) looked just like the original and was easy to install, wanted to return my car back to look and feel like new.



Overall the reviews look good. We couldn’t find any particularly negative reviews which says a lot for a replacement parts brand!


ford motorcraft batteries

It seems Ford has a hit a home run with the Motorcraft brand. It has definitely improved its quality, manufacturing capability and has started offering a wide array of products under the brand.

If you’re in the market looking for some parts, we can, without an iota of doubt, recommend (any of) the Ford Motorcraft parts, they sit right at the top with (if not superior to!) any and all other brands.

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