Ford OEM Parts – THIS Differentiates Them From After-Market Parts

Ford OEM Parts – Worth The Price?

If you are searching for Ford OEM parts either due to some unforeseen incident like a car accident, or due to some age related repairs of your car, you’ve come at the right place.

In such a case, you have the option of either choosing Ford OEM parts for your car, or to go with some of the aftermarket parts (manufactured by third-party companies).

Normally, yes, aftermarket parts are made by reputed manufacturers; but in the case of your Ford car, we highly recommend you to go with Ford OEM parts.

  • However, what really are the differences between the aftermarket generic parts and Ford OEM parts?
  • How would it matter which ones you choose for your car?
  • Is there a price difference?
  • Is there a difference in quality?

After market parts

These questions, and many more will be answered in today’s post so you can get your vehicle fixed for the better.

What differentiates the after-market from the original Ford OEM parts?

Basically, the “OEM” in Ford OWM parts means – Original Equipment Manufacturer. It means that the vehicle’s brand(s) manufacture’s these parts themselves.

This is extremely beneficial to us, the consumers, because it means whatever parts are required to be replaced, we can get it directly from the car manufacturer itself.

That means a better fitting, high quality part, albeit at a premium price.

Ford oem body kit

OEM body kit parts fit better than after-market parts

On the other hand, a third-party company may or may not be officially approved by the manufacturer to product their vehicle’s parts.

However, thanks to the Magnuson-Moss Act in the United States, we as consumers CAN choose any parts for our vehicle, be it a Ford OEM part or a third-party, our car’s warranty will not be void in doing that!

Apart from that, there’s really nothing wrong in choosing third-party replacement parts, as most of them would fit your vehicle almost perfectly.

There’s another benefit with after-market parts.

Since these (small) companies are focused only on replacement parts, they manufacture them for a lot of brands and models, which makes the individual products much cheaper than your Ford OEM parts.

Can we then deem OEM parts as “better” parts?

Technically, since the Ford OEM parts are made by Ford, the manufacturer, we might feel that they are the best ones for your car.

However, it all comes down to personal preference.

Consumers that prefer OEM parts are usually car enthusiasts, brand loyal people, or simply people who have recently purchased the car (which is why they feel they ‘need’ OEM parts).

A new Ford car sometimes makes the consumer feel they ‘need’ to buy OEM parts

However, once you have had the car for a few years, it doesn’t make much difference whether you go for generic after market parts or Ford OEM parts.

In such a case, the lower priced after market parts make more sense than the premium OEM parts.

So it really doesn’t mean that Ford OEM parts are any ‘better’ than the generic ones, it all comes down to choice, that’s it.

There’s another factor here.

To some people, OEM parts make more sense because they wish to keep their vehicle as close to “original” and new, as possible. But they do not understand that once the car’s on road, it’s no longer “new”.

So the question is – does it make sense to purchase the higher priced Ford OEM parts over the generic ones?

The answer is – it does not.

You can save a lot of cash on after-market parts, which also means you are supporting the small manufacturers survive in this brutal market.

What’s the deal with insurance?

It, well, depends.

Usually, it’s up to your specific insurance company. Most big-name insurers will only cover after-market parts since they do the same job, for a much lesser price compared to Ford OEM parts.

Insurance depends on the extent of damage as well as the specific insurance company

So before you go and buy the replacement parts, get in touch with your insurance company.

However, if you’re still in the research phase, we highly recommend finding an insurance company that covers OEM parts, as they are (if price is not an issue) the better option.

Do OEM parts affect the resale of your car?

This is a big question.

Now, we already know that if a car is damaged in an accident, it can be valued much less than an intact car, and more so if there is significant structural damage, and even more so if the airbag has been deployed (which confirms the severity of the accident).

Now, the good news is this only affect your insurance premium.

Thankfully, where resale is concerned, it does not make a big difference whether you repair your car with Ford OEM parts or with after-market parts, they do not affect it’s resale price.


Ultimately it all depends on your piece of mind!

Yes, it all comes down to what you feel!

Do you feel comfortable with unbranded after-market parts, or do you feel you get better value (and peace of mind) with Ford OEM parts?

You need to weigh both things in mind, the quality of the part versus its cost when making that decision.

Our advice in a single line – go for Ford OEM parts if the specific part is an important one.

So that means any part that’s a part of your car’s transmission, brakes, engine, electrical stuff, etc. And go with after-market parts if it’s a relatively uncomplicated one (like some basic electrical parts, the Ford’s bumper, or other cosmetic parts.

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