Ford Ranger Bumper – Why This Part Is One Of The Most Critical Ones

My Ford Ranger’s Bumper Saved Me!

If you’ve been reading the blog… you’ll remember…

In one of my earlier posts, I mentioned how me and my family used to go on frequent hiking/camping trips in our old Ford Ranger.

And the reason I remember that now because something happened today.

Something not great.

I had an accident! Yeah, I’m ok, thank you for asking! 🙂

However, the reason to bring up that topic was, my car’s bumper completely shattered. I mean yeah, completely crushed on one side.

Best Ford ranger bumpers

This is a Ford Striker’s image, but this was the side I hit my Ranger

And this brings back memories, because when I was 11, we had an accident on one of our camping trips in our Ford Ranger, and guess what, the Ford’s bumper back then had… one tiny scratch!


We Had Super Strong Cars Back Then

I mean our Ford Ranger’s bumper was so strong, tough that you could probably bang it up a wall and the wall would probably break down!

Contrast that with cars these days!

OEM for ranger bumpers

Modern bumpers look great, but they aren’t that sturdy anymore

With cost-cutting seeping down even to passenger safety, things are not great these days.

This was yet another reason I loved our Ford Ranger. Agreed, the bumper on that thing was ugly looking, I mean real blehh, but it DID. THE. JOB!

What was the bumper’s job? To keep the car safe, to absorb the shock and protect its passengers as much as possible. And it did exactly that.

Now, with the new Ford Ranger 2019 coming up next year, I honestly wish they’d stick to the original build quality with the bumper, as well as other major parts.

Don’t screw this Ford!

If you are an 80’s kid, you definitely remember the heavy metal bumpers we used to have on our cars, try hitting it with your leg and you’d get a fracture. My kid, the other day, tried sitting (this was before the accident) on ours and I swear I heard a really nasty creaking sound!

Anyway, so if you are in the market to buy a new Ford Ranger Bumper, you must be aware of the quality, durability and costs of replacing a bumper (be it front or back).

A Word On The Ford Ranger

The brand name – “Ford Ranger” has been used by the company on three distinct model vehicles. The word Ranger was first used in the year 1958 in the Edsel division and later on, in 1983, the Ford F- series adopted the Ranger name to its trucks.

Available in Right-hand and Left-hand drive, the Ford Ranger has been in the market for several years. The earlier generation of Ford Ranger was sold in the United States and Canada as a mid-size pick-up truck, which has now been advanced with the new generation to a stronger frame and a front bumper.

The company not only focuses on a sturdy & reliable exterior but has also given utmost importance to the heart of the car i.e. the head engine.

The company labeled its engine ‘Duratorq’ in the year 2000.

The uniqueness about the engine is that it comprises the latest Bosch Ultra high-pressure fuel injection system. It is also has a digital mass air fuel sensor which enhances the accuracy & reliability of the vehicle. The power of the engine varies from 118 BHP (Break Hose Power) to 164.

The Ford Ranger has had four different models namely: XL, XLT, Limited & Wildtrak. Word is, the new Ford Ranger 2019 will only have ONE engine option! 🙁

The popularity of Ford Ranger has climbed a ladder that has successfully stolen the thunder of the cars available in the market segment, thereby giving a swift push to the demand of the rival company products.

Equipped with strong muscular interiors and modern amenities, the Ford Ranger offers a variety of features from well-placed camera to ultrasonic sensors in order to give a safe as well as a luxurious experience.

About The Ford Ranger’s Bumper

Earlier, the Ford’s bumpers were made of hard metal blocks that would help in minimizing the damage done to the automobile (remember our accident!) …

Factory Ford ranger bumpers

The old Ford ranger bumpers were strong, I mean REALLY strong!

However, the modern bumper consists of a beam, stays and a fascia and uses foam as a shock/collision absorber to save the bumper from damaging itself.

Of course, with advanced technology, the bumpers nowadays are made up of light weighted carbon fiber.

With a sturdy and aggressive look, the Ford Ranger bumpers not only help in protecting the front and rear end of the vehicle but also enhance the overall look of the car.

So before you go and buy a new one for your car, remember that the bumpers these days are NOT as strong as they were in the “old days”.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT sacrifice on the build quality, even if one costs you more than a generic one. All in all, it’s ironic that we have to say this – we hope that you never get to find out whether the (higher) cost  of a strong bumper was truly justified or not!

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