3 Ultimate Reasons The 2019 Ford Ranger Will Sweep You Over

Ford Ranger Parts 

By now you know it.

The Ford Ranger, the ever-popular, first compact pickup truck manufactured by Ford Motor Company is all set to make a comeback in 2019.

The truck that left the market in 2011 is being re-launched into a larger, mid-size truck. (You can read more about it here.)

At the 2017 North American International Auto Show, Ford Motor Company had announced that they would be returning to the North-American mid-size truck segment with the Ranger. In 2019, the Ford Ranger will step into the battleground to compete with its rival companies, Chevrolet, Toyota and so on.

The all-new 2019 Ford Ranger is developed with persistent focus on engineering excellence. The 2019 Ford Ranger takes their tagline, “Built Ford Tough” to a whole new level with its robust exterior and capability to give the best performance even on rugged roads.

Ford has designed this as an actual truck.

Ford ranger parts internal

The 2019 Ranger rests on a fully boxed, high-strength steel frame with six cross members.

The suspension components of note include mono-tube front dampers and double A-arm front suspension. While shock absorbers and traditional leaf springs will help control a solid rear axle, the power steering will be assisted electronically.

Now, we’ll have a look at some of the features and best parts of the Ford Ranger that we absolutely love!

And Now… The 3 Best Parts Of The Incredible Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger Best Part #1: Incredible Terrain Capabilities

The 2019 Ford Ranger gets all the required Terrain Capabilities with its…

FX4 Off-Road Package: The FX4 package includes bash and skid plates to ensure complete protection of the undercarriage, all-terrain tires to provide traction for your on-road and off-road adventures and a status screen to monitor the pitch and roll of the truck and steering angle of the front wheel.

Trail Control: As the brake and throttle control can get tough in jagged roads and rocky terrains, this Ranger is featured with trail control. You can engage the engine, transmission and brakes together to maintain a constant speed from 1 to 20 mph.

Terrain Management System: The terrain management system allows you to switch into one of the given 4 modes, Grass/Gravel/Snow, Mud Ruts, Sand and Normal Mode.

Electronic Locking Rear Differential: The equipped electronic rear-locking differential is added to the Ranger in order to lower the speed of the vehicle on low traction surfaces. It allows you to experience an excellent off-road performance in mud, sand, gravel and snow.

Ford Ranger Best Part #2: Fitted With An Efficient Engine

Unlike the F-150, the all-new Ranger does not come with three engine options, this vehicle comes fixed to a 2.3-liter, direct-injected four-cylinder with a twin-scroll turbocharger.  This is not that dissimilar to the Ford Explorer as it’s parts are similar when you look under the hood.

The crank and rods are made with steel. Also, it is paired to the 10-speed automatic transmission with three overdrive gears co-developed with the help of General Motors.

Ford Ranger Best Part #3: Next-Level Driver Assistance

The 2019 Ranger features incredible driver-assistance to help and keep your adventures safe.

  • 1Blind Spot Information System: The available BLIS in the 2019 Ranger alerts you every-time a vehicle is detected at the blind spot of your Ranger.
  • 2Better Cruise Control: The featured cruise control in this Ford Ranger performs beyond any other cruise control. Whenever the radar sensor senses that the vehicle in the front is slowing down, it automatically reduces the speed of your vehicle.
  • 3Pre-Collision Assistance with Pedestrian Detection: The available pre-collision feature gives you a heads-up every-time it senses a collision with a vehicle or a pedestrian in front of you.
  • 4Lane-Keeping System: Every-time your focus and vehicle drift away from the lane, the available lane-keeping system alerts you by vibrating the steering wheel and applying steering torque.

Conclusion – It’s The Perfect Vehicle (Pun Intended) For Stirring Adventures!

Ford ranger genuine parts

The 2019 Ford Ranger claims to be an adventure vehicle. This pickup truck has the toughness that a vehicle requires to plan an adventurous day.

Ford also claims that the 2019 Ranger is undergoing a thorough test through extreme heat, freezing cold and brutal terrain to ensure that the Ranger is always up for an escapade.

Well, the 2019 Ranger does not limit itself to an adventure vehicle, it makes sure that you stay connected to the city despite your journey to the hills and coasts.

This pickup truck is equipped with the FordPass Connect feature that creates an in-vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot which connects up to 10 devices. Also, this hotspot can be accessed up to 50 feet outside the truck.

So, that’s all you need to know about the 2019 Ford Ranger. It is designed not only for its practical usage but also for the adventure enthusiast in you.

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